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Workers Struggles: Europe, Middle East & Africa

Wave of strikes in education and healthcare continues across all of Europe; protests continue in Iran as economic condition worsens; Nigeria: union federation calls off nationwide strike against fuel price hike in face of legal challenge

The persecution of British daytime TV presenter Phillip Schofield

Amid a NATO war against Russia in Ukraine and an inflationary crisis that has plunged millions into economic distress, the media has fixated on Schofield’s alleged “abuse of power” and “deception” in initially concealing his relationship with a younger man.

Laura Tiernan

Open letter of protest to Australia’s National Tertiary Education Union

This letter by Carolyn Kennett protests against NTEU officials blocking her and a fellow Committee for Public Education member from moving a resolution at a stopwork meeting at Sydney’s Macquarie University, calling for a unified struggle against pay cutting, casualisation and restructuring.

Carolyn Kennett

China slowdown drives Saudi oil production cut

The latest OPEC+ meeting was held just two months after the cartel announced production cuts in order to sustain prices which have proved largely ineffective in halting the slide.

Nick Beams

Oppose the State Department’s slanders against Roger Waters!

The ruling elites through their corrupt media outlets are attempting to destroy Waters and intimidate other artists, performers and intellectuals from speaking out. This is a desperate and systematic attack on freedom of speech and artistic expression.

David Walsh

No to pension reform and war, bring down Macron!

Workers and young people marching across France against Emmanuel Macron’s illegitimate pension reform must form rank-and-file committees independent of the pro-capitalist trade unions.

Anthony Torres

Dam collapse in Ukraine causes major humanitarian and ecological disaster

Whatever the immediate causes of the dam's collapse, workers must understand the unfolding humanitarian and ecological disaster above all as an urgent warning about the immense dangers presented by the NATO war against Russia in Ukraine for workers across Europe and internationally.

Clara Weiss

Paul Krugman’s dishonest apologetics for Ukrainian fascism

The New York Times published yesterday a column by Paul Krugman dismissing the role of Ukrainian fascists in the mass murder of Jews and Soviet citizens during World War II and minimizing as mere “shadows” their prominence in the present NATO proxy war against Russia.

Tom Mackaman

Protests against university staff cuts in New Zealand

Pseudo-left organisations at Otago University and Victoria University of Wellington are seeking to subordinate opposition to hundreds of job cuts to the Tertiary Education Union, which has a long record of imposing mass redundancies.

Tom Peters

Succession: A significant artistic and cultural development

The show, presented in four seasons over the course of 2018 to 2023, depicts the power struggles and moral decay bound up with the fate of a corporate-financial dynasty that wields enormous influence over politics, culture and society.

James Martin

Workers Struggles: The Americas

Striking copper miners blockaded the major highway in northern Mexico to press grievances, while locomotive workers in Pennsylvania are gearing up for a June 9 contract deadline.

Over 150,000 teachers on strike in Romania

Romanian teachers join workers in the UK, Spain, Portugal, France and Germany, who are engaged in mass protests and strikes against austerity.

Andrei Tudora

The New York Times and the use of Nazi imagery by Ukrainian troops

The New York Times palms off the deep historical and present-day links of Ukrainian nationalism to Nazism and genocide as merely "thorny issues," i.e., a public relations problem for media propagandists, who are trying to sell NATO's proxy war as a struggle for democracy.

David North

Russian autoworkers protest low wages

Seven workers were arrested when they and dozens of others laid down their tools at the lunch hour and refused to restart the line until that night.

Andrea Peters

Train horror in India: Another crime of decaying capitalism

The government has been spending lavishly on the military, as part of its deepening strategic alliance with US imperialism against China, while refusing to make the necessary investments in a rail system that is a crucial means of transportation for the country’s more than a billion people.

Arun Kumar, Patrick Martin

This week in history: June 5-11

This column profiles important historical events which took place during this week, 25 years ago, 50 years ago, 75 years ago and 100 years ago.

Biden’s debt deal: A bipartisan blueprint for war and austerity

The rapid and lopsided passage by both houses of Congress of the debt ceiling bill worked out between President Joe Biden and Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, with the Democrats supplying the bulk of the votes, must serve as an object lesson on the unbridgeable class chasm between the entire political establishment and the working class.

Barry Grey
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