The coronavirus pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is a world historic tragedy which has killed an estimated over 20 million people and debilitated hundreds of millions worldwide. Since the start of the pandemic, the World Socialist Web Site has continuously advocated for policies to eliminate the coronavirus in every country. We remain the only political tendency in the world that has fought for this strategy and for a vast expansion of public health globally.

We have interviewed and collaborated with many leading scientists and anti-COVID activists, and hosted a major webinar, “How to end the pandemic” on October 24, 2021, which is linked below. We have also assisted workers in building rank-and-file committees independent of the pro-capitalist unions and political parties which are responsible for the pandemic policies that have been implemented.

We urge all of our readers to take up the fight for global elimination by filling out the form below, and to share WSWS material on the pandemic as widely as possible with your friends, family, coworkers and across social media.

International nurses' strikes in 2022 [Photo: WSWS]
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Video: What must be done to end the pandemic

This video describes the current surge of the Omicron BA.4 and BA.5 subvariants, reviews the immense societal impacts of Long COVID and outlines a strategy of what must be done to end the pandemic. It has subtitles in German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Tamil, Sinhala, Russian, Polish and Italian.

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COVID, Capitalism, and Class War: A Social and Political Chronology of the Pandemic

Mehring Books, the publishing arm of the Socialist Equality Party (US), is proud to announce the publication of Volume 1 of COVID, Capitalism, and Class War: A Social and Political Chronology of the Pandemic, a compilation of the World Socialist Web Site's coverage of this global crisis. We post today Evan Blake's introduction to the book.

Evan Blake

For a Global Workers’ Inquest into the COVID-19 Pandemic

This Inquest is necessary to break through the cover-up, falsifications and misinformation that have been deployed to justify policies responsible for the avoidable deaths of millions since the initial detection of SARS-CoV-2.

Statement of the World Socialist Web Site International Editorial Board

Global Workers’ Inquest into the COVID-19 Pandemic

Family of Detroit autoworker who died of COVID-19 demands answers

In this video testimony, Catherine Pace’s family describes the working conditions which led to her death and the deaths of countless other autoworkers during the still-raging pandemic.

Jerry White, James Brewer

“I felt like I was in quicksand… at times it seemed like it was never-ending”

Flight attendant shares his experience being intubated for 19 days with COVID-19

In this interview for the Global Workers’ Inquest into the COVID-19 Pandemic, flight attendant Tim Yoder shares his experiences in early 2020. Tim caught COVID-19 in mid-March 2020 after being told he was an “essential worker” and had to continue flying despite feeling ill when multiple coworkers had already tested positive for COVID-19.

Evan Blake

Who is responsible for China’s COVID catastrophe?

A tragedy of monumental proportions is unfolding across China as a result of the Chinese Communist Party lifting its Zero-COVID policy and embracing the “forever COVID” policy demanded by the US and European imperialist powers.

Evan Blake
October 24, 2021 webinar: How to end the pandemic

On October 24, 2021, the World Socialist Web Site and the International Workers Alliance of Rank-and-File Committees hosted this webinar featuring leading scientists and epidemiologists from throughout the world to explain the case for the global elimination of the coronavirus.

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