WSWS daily audio podcast

Readers of the WSWS can now access a portion of the daily content of the website in audio format, which you can stream on your computer, phone or portable MP3 player. This will enable you to listen to the WSWS while traveling, driving, or working. 

The daily podcast is available through several web syndication services. By subscribing to one of these services, you can have the audio edition of the WSWS automatically downloaded to your computer or other device. 

If you use iTunes, you can subscribe by clicking here, or you can search for “World Socialist Web Site” within iTunes.

The podcast is available via Stitcher here and Blubrry here.

A comprehensive list of various podcatchers—programs for downloading and streaming podcasts—is available at Wikipedia. Readers can download the podcatcher appropriate for their computer, phone or other device, and then subscribe to the podcast feed: http://www.wsws.org/en/podcast.xml

As with all WSWS content, the audio recordings are available free of charge. The production of the podcast, however, requires significant resources. We ask our readers to make a sacrifice and donate to the WSWS to help us continue to produce new content and expand our technology. To donate today, click here.