Demand the freedom of Ukrainian socialist and anti-war activist Bogdan Syrotiuk!

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On Thursday April 25, Bogdan Syrotiuk – a socialist opponent of the fascistic Zelensky regime and the NATO-instigated Ukraine-Russia war – was arrested by the Security Service of Ukraine, the SBU, in his hometown of Pervomaisk in southern Ukraine.

Bogdan Syrotiuk

Bogdan, who is 25 years old and in poor health, is being held in a prison in Nikolaev under atrocious conditions on fraudulent charges of serving the interests of Russia. In fact, Bogdan is an intransigent opponent of the capitalist Putin regime and its invasion of Ukraine. He fights for the unity of the working class in Ukraine, Russia and throughout the former Soviet Union.

If found guilty by a kangaroo court of these charges, Bogdan is threatened with a prison sentence of 15 years to life, which is equivalent to a death sentence.

The arrest of Bogdan is the latest example of the Zelensky’s regime’s brutal repression of left-wing movements, whose opposition to the war is finding a growing response within the Ukrainian working class.

The International Committee of the Fourth International and the World Socialist Web Site call for a global campaign to demand the immediate release of Bogdan Syrotiuk. The fight for Bogdan’s freedom is an essential component of the struggle against imperialist war, genocide and fascism.

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Voices of supporters
Free Comrade Bogdan! His arrest is an attack on the entire working class. It shows again and very clearly the crimes of the imperialists and NATO countries that collaborate with the fascist regime in Ukraine. They are not concerned with freedom, human rights and democracy.
Thomas from Munich, Germany
It’s infuriating that the US is using my tax dollars to fund Israel’s genocide of Palestinians & arm the fascistic Zelensky government of Ukraine! These charges are completely bogus & should be dropped immediately!
Debbie from Cupertino, California
We condemn the Zelenskyy regime and the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) for arresting this young man, who led the anti-war movement with the unity of youth and workers in Ukraine and Russia, on trumped-up charges!
Kim from South Korea
He is not guilty.
Yotung from Guilin, China
Attempts to portray Bogdan as a supporter of the Putin regime and its invasion of Ukraine are politically preposterous. Comrade Syrotiuk is a leading member of the Young Guard of Bolshevik-Leninists (YGBL), a Trotskyist youth organization active in Ukraine and throughout the former Soviet Union.
Geethananda from Colombo, Sri Lanka
Free him immediately!! Warmongers should be questioned. World leaders should sit together and argue, not promote wars. Less spending on arms and wars. Spend on education, peace, health care, social issues. Bogdan wants this as well as all ordinary working people.
Vera from Hungary
The imprisonment of Bogdan Syrotiuk is just one of the countless atrocities funded and made possible by the billions Biden and congress send all around the world to promote leaders like that Zelensky in the name of the “freedom and democracy”
Robert from the US
It is dangerous to call yourself a supporter of peace! The capitalists need war because ‘capitalism carries war as the cloud carries the storm,” Jean Jaurès, the first to be shot as an example.
François from France
The deplorable detention of Comrade Bogdan by President Zelensky’s military camarilla is a crime against the international working class. We will not rest until he is freed. We will re-energise the motto of Big Bill Haywood amongst the world’s workers & youth—An injury to one is an injury to all! Hands off Bogdan Syrotiuk! Release Comrade Bogdan at once!
Simon from UK
I am a civil-rights lawyer in California who specializes in fighting police repression. Free Bogdan and all the prisoners throughout the world being held on such political charges.
John from the US
Bogdan’s jailing is part of the increasing repression of opposition to the brutal Ukrainian government as they try to send more Ukrainian workers to their deaths in the war against Russia. The war must be stopped and Bogdan released.
Stephen from Australia
I call the authorities of the Ukraine to reconsider the arrest and imprisonment of Bogdan for supposedly serving the interest of Russia. Bogdan is known throughout the world as opposing Putin and his invasion of the Ukraine. He and I both support building unity of working class people all over the world. Please release Bogdan at once.
Frederick from US
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